Road Trip!

Hubby and I bought a car! Yay!

The sweet relief of not having to wait in the rain for a bus or brave the tube at the weekends is still sinking in. It's truly glorious.

I still have yet to drive the car actually... I quite like being chauffeured around. ;) No, actually even though I've had my American license for 15 years I have to start over again here. Bummer. So 'get license' has been added to the many things I have to do this Christmas season.

But anyway, John and I joined the National Trust (highly recommend!!) on our first anniversary trip to Wales which you can see here and we've yet to use it properly so we took a quick road trip to go see these beauties.

We also found the most GORGEOUS little town called Alfriston. A must see.



Autumn is here!

Oh my! Well, since September, I've spent a good three weeks in Ghana taking pictures of all the beautiful people there, married off my best friend and had a lovely visit from family who flew all the way from D.C. to see us! Whew! It's been busy!

Ghana is a country FULL of beautiful people. Truly. The people are so warm and full of smiles. The food was.... challenging. ;) We were in Kumasi which is about 5 hrs outside of Accra and there were no real shops to speak of. I managed to find the one KFC in the city and I went there three times in a week. I was so desperate for any food that was familiar.

Editorial Photography Ghana London England Non Profit
Editorial Photography London England Ghana Non Profit
Editorial Photography London England Ghana Non Profit
Editorial Photography London England Non Profit
Editoral Photography London England

I was a bridesmaid for my friend Bronwyn. An actual BRIDESMAID! Not a photographer this time and it was so fun! Although, I couldn't help myself from watching her hired photographer like a hawk! Its always difficult to photograph my friends weddings because I feel like I miss out in taking part in the celebration that's why this was such a treat. I have to say though, I was more nervous about being a bridesmaid than I would have been as a photographer. At least I know what to do when I have a camera in my hands. Being a bridesmaid is a bit more abstract. haha!

This is the only picture I took the whole day! Iphone front camera and super grainy in all its glory!

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Chat soon! xx


Bodant Gardens and great heights in Wales - UK Wedding Photographer

During our anniversary trip, John and I went to Bodant Gardens in North Wales. It was such a wonderful afternoon and I LOVED having time to relax and take some lovely photos. I only regretted not having a bride nearby to put into all the lovely scenery!

Later that day, we took the Snowdonia train up a mountain and for a few moments, my husband, John was the highest point in England and Wales. Being 6'5" he was the tallest man on the tallest peak... so we're claiming that title. :)