Road Trip!

Hubby and I bought a car! Yay!

The sweet relief of not having to wait in the rain for a bus or brave the tube at the weekends is still sinking in. It's truly glorious.

I still have yet to drive the car actually... I quite like being chauffeured around. ;) No, actually even though I've had my American license for 15 years I have to start over again here. Bummer. So 'get license' has been added to the many things I have to do this Christmas season.

But anyway, John and I joined the National Trust (highly recommend!!) on our first anniversary trip to Wales which you can see here and we've yet to use it properly so we took a quick road trip to go see these beauties.

We also found the most GORGEOUS little town called Alfriston. A must see.



Bodant Gardens and great heights in Wales - UK Wedding Photographer

During our anniversary trip, John and I went to Bodant Gardens in North Wales. It was such a wonderful afternoon and I LOVED having time to relax and take some lovely photos. I only regretted not having a bride nearby to put into all the lovely scenery!

Later that day, we took the Snowdonia train up a mountain and for a few moments, my husband, John was the highest point in England and Wales. Being 6'5" he was the tallest man on the tallest peak... so we're claiming that title. :)